Super September

John Lewis Main Entrance as at 25 August

It’s all happening in September this year in Birmingham City!

(Images are of John Lewis Main Entrance as at 25 August)

The weekend of 25/28 September has been designated Super September by the City.

The final phase of the reconstruction of New Street Station will have opened on Sunday the 20th.

The Grand Central shopping complex and the new John Lewis Store will have opened on Thursday the 24th. But will it be finished? Form your opinions here.

The city is hosting the Rugby World Cup with two games at Villa Park on Saturday and Sunday the 26/27th.

There will be sell-out concerts by the popular bouncy comedian Michael McIntyre at the Barclaycard Arena on Friday/Saturday the 18/19th and Friday/Saturday the 25/26th.

Two local soccer teams are playing at home – Birmingham City FC vs Rotherham on 26th and West Bromwich Albion vs Everton on 28th.

And, there are other events planned in and around the City.

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Do visit my report  with photos on the situation at Grand Central.

Article by Geoff Caine

2 thoughts on “Super September

  1. dave roberts

    It,s a pity that the tram extension is so far behind .The Grand Central opening is a year adrift too .Not a great advert for Brum

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