New Street Station & Grand Central Opening – Are they Ready?

OD4A6447-2As the opening of this £540m twin development nears, we take a look at the outside.
Will they be ready in time?


The full new station is to open at 7:30am next Sunday 20th September followed by the Grand Central Shopping Centre and the John Lewis store next Thursday 24th.

The opening dates were put back drastically from the originals in 2014. Looking at the outside of the developments a few weeks ago and I would have said that I had serious doubts that the constructions would be acceptably near-completed – see my previous article with photos on 25 August.

For some time the project managers when interviewed on TV have said they will definitely make the publicised revised completion dates.

And now, having pulled out all the stops, brought in around 3000 construction workers, worked weekends and other extra time, I think they’re gong to make the deadline dates!

Some things will not be totally completed and the Network Rail main Project Manager, when interviewed on BBC Midlands News today, said the station itself would not be fully completed for another year.

The external appearance of the development is obviously very important when the country’s top press will be taking and publishing photos. Included in this appearance are the surrounding and nearby streets. These have suffered much roadworks for the past four years due to the extended Metro Line, the Combined Heat and Power system (CHP) pipe and cable laying, as well as the need to use surrounding streets for the station projects for building  site purposes.

This Friday morning (18th) I wandered around the surrounding streets taking photographs which are shown in a gallery below.

The Route Taken…

Click here to open a Google map of the area of the route below (opens in a separate window.)

The route taken starts at Corporation Street and progresses around the development going west along Stephenson Street and Navigation Street, then south down Hill Street, east along Station Street, north along Smallbrook Queensway then west along the walk link from Bullring back to the bottom of Corporation Street.

Article by Geoff Caine

PS. If you have any thoughts on the outside of the development you can leave them in a comment  (see below the Gallery).

The Gallery…

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2 thoughts on “New Street Station & Grand Central Opening – Are they Ready?

  1. lornamarguerite

    I post not only as a resident of the City Centre but also a daily commuter using New Street Station on my journey to Leamington Spa; the station, both inside and out it is striking, the level of natural light within the building this morning was wonderful. Hearing all the oohs’ coming from the other commuters and visitors was great. Yes there are snagging list issues and the platforms are fundamentally unchanged but I had a quick entry through the ticket barriers (some were having problems due to the many varied season tickets out there causing issues) and a swift journey via the escalator to my platform. I even took a seat whilst waiting for my train. It looked to me that anyone with mobility issues would find the new layout much easier to navigate, it would be interesting to hear from anyone with mobility issues as to if this is in fact the case? I for one am not afraid to say I like it.

  2. Geoff Caine Post author

    The appearance of the outside stainless steel cladding may not be to everyone’s taste just like the style of the Library of Birmingham.
    However, like the Library has, it is sure to attract a vast number of visitors to the city centre because of its must-see character.
    This attraction should bring increased wealth to its residents in terms of jobs and business investment in the city.

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