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New Street Station Reborn

OD4A6722Yesterday, (Sunday 20 September), the revamped New Street Station opened successfully and delighted the many people who came especially to see it.With an all out effort in past weeks and an overnight final push on Saturday, the 3000 strong construction team pulled off a gigantic success by completing the internal fabric of the building and very largely the outside as well and clearing the surrounding roads of construction equipment and materials. Most of the shops and restaurants at ground level also opened for business.

To describe the station as impressive is a massive understatement! The vast open spaces decorated white and very well lit are a world away from the old station. The crowning glory is the central Atrium with its transparent roof supplying copious daylight to provide almost an outdoor experience and a very enjoyable place to sit and wait for a train or just to take in the atmosphere and eat and shop.

At balcony level in the main concourse is the new Grand Central shopping centre and the internal entrance to the new adjoining John Lewis store both of which open at 10 am next Thursday. This is sure to see a large number of curious visitors from greater Birmingham.

Below is a gallery of photos I took of the station yesterday.

See my article on the situation two days prior to the opening.

Article by Geoff Caine

The Gallery…

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2 thoughts on “New Street Station Reborn

  1. emdeefos

    Jan & I also went to admire and be wow-ed on Sunday. It is a place to be proud of when meeting incoming visitors, which the old station certainly was not.
    A couple of thoughts for detailed improvements:-
    1. marking two or three ‘meeting points’ in the atrium/entrance area from Bullring; at present we would be reduced to saying “meet you at Pret”;
    2. more seats out in the atrium.
    We had to ask about the arrangement for the ‘lounges’ – red, blue, green. How easy will it be for passengers to move between platforms for transfers and, when there are short-term platforms alterations?
    David Foster

  2. dave roberts

    Here is yet another building which Birmingham can be proud .Most Brummies find negative issues to discuss but what can you say about this stunning construction -eat your heart out Manchester!!!

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