Birmingham Road Safety Strategy Consultation

OD4A7159There is just over a week available to respond to the Birmingham Road Safety Strategy Consultation, before Friday 23 October.

We can have our say about what the Council has put forward as its Road Safety Strategy.

But if we don’t, we get what they have warned us about here!!

It will take a little reading to be able to answer some of the questions but, where necessary, the reading is summarised before the questions.

If you have strong feelings about the safety of roads and their effect on non-road users then this consultation is for you.

To start visit .

Then you need to enter details about yourself, clicking on the Next box to continue through the consultation.

Hint: In a section like “Safer Roads: safer planning and design” to open your comment box, you may have to click to the right of the screen (I did).

Article by Geoff Caine

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