Paradise – Closure of Forum Passage Confirmed

The route through the old library that will close from 1 November.Birmingham Connected has today confirmed that the pedestrian passageway through the old library will indeed be closed starting from Sunday.

This confirms the information in my previous article of 24 October. At that time some doubt was expressed as to whether the site works would be completed in time for the 1 November closure.

In an email today to us (the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum), the Council run Birmingham Connected stated:

Access for pedestrians and cyclists travelling through the Paradise redevelopment site will change from this Sunday, 1 November 2015.

Paradise Forum, beneath the old library, will be closed and access between Victoria Square and Chamberlain Square/Broad Street will be via Fletchers Walk, under the Conservatoire. A new lift is in place on Easy Row for those who are unable to use the steps to access the bridge between Paradise Forum and Centenary Square.

More information, including a map, is available via

This diversion supports the next phase of the £500 million Paradise programme which involves the demolition of existing buildings.

Below is a photo trail of the new route, taken a week ago.

Below that please see the comments.

Geoff Caine

Photo Trail

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3 thoughts on “Paradise – Closure of Forum Passage Confirmed

  1. David Foster

    As of yesterday afternoon, Monday, the lift at the end of the Easy Row path did not appear to be functioning. Presumably that means that wheelchair users and pushchair pushers will have to risk crossing Broad Street to get between the Fletcher’s Walk passage and Centenary Square.
    Thinking about that further, that is a slightly more direct route between ICC and New Street anyway, so perhaps not so bad!
    David Foster

  2. emdeefos

    In the course of a presentation by Argent (the Paradise developer) earlier this year, they made great play of their experience of a major development at Kings Cross in London. There, they had used the hoardings that are an inevitable feature of large building sites to create visual attractions. They claimed to have learned the positive value of such a use for these spaces.
    We should hold them to account to fulfil on their promises, particularly as regards the large expanse of hoardings that will appear around Chamberlain Square. Geoff’s idea of employing graffiti artists would be one solution, but Argent may well have their own.

  3. Geoff Caine Post author

    From a personal viewpoint, I have to say the following.

    Routing the many thousands of visitors who arrive by train or centrally park their cars by this single route to BIrmingham’s westside gems is very, very far from suitable.
    Such gems as:
    Symphony Hall, The International Conference Centre (Conservative Party Conference Venue next year), The Library of Birmingham, the Barclaycard Arena, the Rep and the nationally famous Canals.

    The final photo in the above photo trail is a disgraceful advertisement for what is to come on the visitor’s journey to the gems. No doubt many will turn back at this point thinking they have taken a wrong turn or fearing they are entering a slum or socially unsafe area.

    Surely we need to dress the filthy, drab, boring, concrete buildings in some better clothes….
    Suggestion…Why not power wash the buildings then get street graffiti artists to decorate them, with their considerable talent, with some colourful images. This was done with Nelson Street in Bristol and made National must-visit headlines. The artists would be only too willing given credit in papers and websites for very little charge (if any, I don’t know).

    See the photo Gallery I created aboout Nelson Street by clicking on the following link –

    We must do something to save Birmingham from being written off as undesirable!

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