Video Used to Sell Birmingham at MIPIM in Cannes

800px-Cannes_Palais_des_Festivals_et_des_CongrèsWhat is MIPIM? Read on to find out and how the City of Birmingham is involved.

Do a search for MIPIM and select any of their official websites and you’d be hard pushed to discover what MIPIM is an abbreviation for.

But when you do find out (say from Wikipedia) you will not be surprised that it is hidden. It stands for:

Le Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier

It is a networking event bringing together investors and property developers and related businesses from all over the world. The main event takes place annually in Cannes at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes pictured above.

Birmingham was represented in force at the event held during 15-18 March this year.

One of the aids to selling Birmingham and in particular the new Smithfield development recently announced was the video below. Of interest, to some perhaps, is an appearance and some chat by our new Leader of the Council, John Clancy

Article by Geoff Caine

1 thought on “Video Used to Sell Birmingham at MIPIM in Cannes

  1. keithbracey

    I worked on MIPIM many times during the 16 years I worked for Birmingham’s former Investment Promotion Agency: ‘Locate in Birmingham’, now superseded by Neil Rami and Marketing Birmingham’s enhanced inward investment agency: ‘Business Birmingham’ whose job it is to promote the City of #Birmingham at international events like MIPIM, which is a very important marketplace for investors and property developers

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