District Energy Scheme – Recent News Releases


An up to date history of happenings with this venture and how they affect road users and pedestrians. Road closures, etc, could affect you!
Last updated 5 April 2016.

5 April 2016

Published yesterday “BNSS – News Letter 035 – High Street – Dale End” as below:

BNSS - News Letter 035 - High Street - Dale End

1 March 2016

Published today ” NSS – News Letter 034 – High Street – Dale End” as below:

BNSS - News Letter 034 - High Street - Dale End

9 February 2016

Published today ” News Letter 033 – High Street – Dale End” as below:

Newsletter 33

6 February 2016

David Martin, Projects Manager, reports:

“We shall be making Dale End one way as of 6:00am Tuesday 9th February, the direction of traffic will be from High Street towards Albert Street. Traffic that entered Dale End from Albert Street will be diverted via Carrs Lane.

It has been agreed to commence this section without completing the works outside M&S and the disabled parking bays owing to the time it is taking to fabricate the pipe work so that it avoids the many underground obstructions.

Reinstatement outside M&S will commence towards the end of next week after a specialist insulation to the welded joints. The pipe layers will commence in the disabled parking bays while the team excavates the final section, this should allow the major works to be complete by the end of March.

21 January 2016

David Martin, Projects Manager has produced this update on work carried out so far in January…

Our progress up to 20th January 2016, is as follows:

The first section of trench excavation was completed on Monday 18th January, which then allowed the team to bridge the trench excavation with HD trench crossing plates.

The plates were positioned on Tuesday and the edges of the plates were tarmaced to remove any trip hazards.

On Wednesday 20th January the traffic was removed from crossing the existing security bollards to the diversion route past the bollards.

The team will now continue with the excavation to tie in with the ends of the pipes we laid last year, this will have to be done with caution as there are other utility services we have to find and get past. We have planned to complete these works by the end of the week so that the installation of the pipe work can commence next week.

With the trench excavated it allows the team to align the pipes so that they fit between the obstructions they have uncovered. It will take about one week and a half to install the pipes as there could be up to 14 welds to complete. Once completed the area will be reinstated, and new loops will be installed for the security bollards.

Once the area has been paved traffic will be moved back in to this area while we complete the pipe work under the trench crossing plates.

Unfortunately works will run on in this area until around the middle of February and could be longer if we come across more obstructions.

Owing to the dense number of underground services in this area we were not able to undertake trial holes to locate them without causing serious restrictions to traffic entering the High Street causing tail backs in Carrs Lane. Therefore we have opted to excavate a continuous trench which we will use to prove the route for the pipe installation.

Apologies for any inconvenience these works may cause and thank you for your co-operation.

The following photographs show the diversion route for delivery vehicles at the junction of High Street and Carrs Lane:

20160120 Photo Strip 2 20160120 Photo Strip 3 20160120 Photo Strip

Article by Geoff Caine

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