20mph Limits Enforced From Monday 10 October

Yes from Monday 10 October you can be fined if stopped by the police for exceeding the 20mph speed limit in certain so-signed areas of Birmingham.

Look for small 20 signs which can be some way into a road thus overriding the 30mph limit at the start of the road.
Also there are very large 20 signs on the road surface itself.

Click here to find out where the new 20mph areas are and other details in an article published online by the Birmingham Mail.

Geoff Caine

1 thought on “20mph Limits Enforced From Monday 10 October

  1. Menzies Donaldsson

    The 20 mph limit becomes 30 mph just before Nelson Primary School. The ‘never knowingly competent’ Birmingham City Council continues to demonstrate that it is indeed inept.

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