National Clean Air Day Events – Thursday 15 June

Why not visit the organised events?

Details of activities taking place across Birmingham for the first ever National Clean Air Day have been confirmed.

Environmental charity Global Action Plan is working with Birmingham City Council and its partners to host events across the city on Thursday, June 15.

This is part of a national day of activities to raise awareness of air pollution effects and how people can help to reduce them.

Two public events will take place on the day. These are:

  • A business event outside St Phillip’s Cathedral from 11am-3pm.
    Hosted with Colmore Business District, this will be a marketplace event showcasing information and resources to promote clean air, PLUS a virtual reality experience.

  • An event outside Chancellor’s Court at the University of Birmingham from 11am-2pm.
    It will showcase current projects and initiatives to improve air quality.
    There’ll be a display of electric vehicles, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and a second hand bike sale, and talks from academics.

Additionally, information will be available to families visiting Birmingham Children’s Hospital from 9am to 2pm on the day, while pupils at Montgomery Primary School in Sparkbrook will also be taking part in activities with teachers and parents.


 Article by Geoff Caine

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