Centenary Square Redevelopment Update

The developers of the revamped Centenary Square have published their first newsletter about the project.
Does this answer our hopes and questions about the disruption to our main square?

Bouygues UK is the principal contractor of the redevelopment of Centenary Square.

They are planning regular update newsletters. The first of these follows the photos below.

During the 18 month development, I will be publishing regular photos of the development and comparing them to the one above (see below).

There will also be a link to a Gallery showing a history of photos through the development all taken from the same standpoint..

Will the final result be as good as it was for nearly two decades after spending £10 million?

Our photos can help you keep in touch and judge for yourself.

It should be “interesting”, so please keep in touch.

Geoff Caine

As at  20 August 2015

As at 11 July 2017

4 thoughts on “Centenary Square Redevelopment Update

  1. Harry Monk


    Great work with this brum website. Thank you for your efforts!

    Do you know where I can access more information on the unsuccessful designs as well as more detail on the chosen one?


  2. Geoff Caine Post author

    We can’t answer you on this, but If you do a search on our website with the word ‘Axis’, you will be able to link.to the consultation held back in March/April, although some of the detail has been removed. For further direct information try calling Richard Harris of on 08000 356 480.

  3. Mrs P A Toy

    We over look axis building do you know if they are retaining all trees /shrubs and water feature?

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