Velo Cycling Event for Charity 24 September

Sunday 24th September 2017, will see the West Midlands playing host to a new 100 mile closed-road cycling event – Vélo Birmingham.

More than 15,000 cyclists are expected to turn out,  raising millions of pounds for local charities.

IMPORTANT: City Centre residents should note that Hagley Road (between Five Ways and Monument Road/Ivy Bush) , Broad Street and Sheepcote Street are closed for most of Sunday until 19:00. Other roads going to the west of this area are also affected.

Click here to learn more about the event and here to find out which roads will be closed to traffic and at which times.


One thought on “Velo Cycling Event for Charity 24 September

  1. Eva O'Connell

    This wonderful event is marred by the fact that hundreds of residents on sheepcote street are trapped, with no other vehicle exit or access from King Edwards Wharf, Liberty Place and Symphony Court. We have had several major events in Birmingham and accept a degree of inconvenience but this is the first time Sheepcote street has been closed. Whoever made this decision obviously does not know the area. Please think again before any future events.
    If an emergency vehicles needed access, the closure of Sheepcote street would cause a serious problem for so many people.

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