Change to Broad Street Buses on Sunday 12 November

From Sunday, 12 November, Broad Street buses will return to their usual route along Broad Street/Centenary Square in both directions.

The map below makes this clear.

More information about traffic management in this area is at

The diversion for inbound buses, taxis (hackney carriages) and pedal cycles between Bridge Street and Paradise Circus will be lifted. The road will still be one narrow lane, controlled with traffic signals at both ends. It is hoped that this will improve bus journeys and provide a modest improvement for pedestrians and cyclists using Bridge Street. Traffic management arrangements will be kept under review as we monitor the impact of this change.

Wherever possible, journeys into the city centre should be made by public transport. General traffic is advised to avoid Broad Street and use the A4540 Middleway ring road. Drivers who do use Broad Street to travel into the city should expect delays and will be directed to turn right and use Gas Street and Holliday Street.

Bus services affected:

·         10/10H, 22, 23, 24, 29,

·         9, X10, 120, 126, 127, 128, 129, 140

·         80/80A, 98, X64 – these buses usually use Bath Row and Holloway Head. Due to roadworks at Holloway Circus, the buses towards the city centre are currently using Broad Street. Outbound buses use Holloway Head/Bath Row as normal.

Remember that this Saturday, Fletchers Walk will close to pedestrians and Centenary Way will open, and from Monday the lane restriction at Holloway Head will come into 24 hour operation.

Information issued by Birmingham Connected

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