Broad Street Restrictions Explained

It is my observation that the first day of the Broad Street Restrictions did not go too well in spite of the street marshals working very hard to advise and direct drivers who found that the route they may have taken for years  was no longer possible.

I walked around the area today and decided to try and ease matters by reporting which roads and turnings you can take and which you can not.

Below I have superimposed some pointers on the original map and given explanations below that.


IMPORTANT: Rules for cars and other light vehicles are below. Rules for Buses and Hackney Carriages are different and are not given.

Bishopgate/Broad Street Junction.

  1. The traffic from the Five Ways underpass and roundabout merges into one lane.
    – There are traffic lights controlling the approach to this junction.
    – On Green, traffic can turn left into Bishopgates Street or right and round road works into a single lane in Broad Street.
  2. The traffic from Broad Street (from city centre) is controlled by traffic lights on approaching the junction.
    – On Green, traffic It can continue into Hagley Road via the Five Ways roundabout or underpass.
    – It cannot turn left into eastbound Bishopsgate Street.
  3. Bishopsgate Street is closed in both directions at its junction with Broad Street. Note that the map we were provided with is incorrectly annotated for this.
    [ED: as of Wednesday 31st traffic along Broad Street from the city can turn left into Bishopsgate Street!]


Sheepcote Street/Broad Street Junction.

  1. The normal traffic lights control this junction.
  2. On Green, city bound traffic can turn left into both branches of Sheepcote Street. It can also continue along Broad Street.
  3. On Green, traffic travelling from Sheepcote Street cannot turn right into Broad Street. It can turn left into Broad Street.  It must then turn immediately right into Granville Street. In Granville Street traffic can travel in both directions.
    NOTE: the Bus Gate marked on the map is not obvious from here, but a marshal is stopping people from driving through it.
  4. Traffic along Broad Street (from city centre) must turn right along Sheepcote Street, it cannot continue along Broad Street towards Five Ways.

Berkley Street/Broad Street Junction

  1. Traffic runs 1-way towards Broad Street.
  2. At the junction, traffic can turn both left and right along Broad Street.

Gas Street/Broad Street Junction

  1. Traffic runs 1-way away from Broad Street. Cars driving along Broad Street toward the city centre must turn down Gas Street, they may not continue along Broad Street.


Recommended Route from Sheepcote Street/Broad Street Junction

People that used to turn right from Sheepcote Street onto Broad Street are now recommended to:

a) Avoid the area entirely
b) Turn left onto Broad Street, then first right into Granville Street, and follow the diversion signs – first right along Tennant Street then left along Bishopsgate Street.
This takes you along to Bath Row, where after turning left and immediate right takes you down to Lee Bank Middleway.
Here you can turn right for Five Ways or left down to Bristol Street and the city centre.
The blue arrows on the map  indicate the first part of this route.

Click/tap this link to see on a Google Satellite View in a separate window.

At the moment, there are no other 1-way systems or prohibited junctions but this will change so  watch this space (website).

Article by Geoff Caine

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