Volunteer Help to Our Police and Add Interest to Your Life

Do you see yourself volunteering for West Midlands Police to add interest to your life by helping augment their services?

 The force is  now recruiting volunteers to join their organisation.



Gursharanpal Chana (Police, Engagement & Consultation, Birmingham Partnerships) says:

“Can you see yourself volunteering for West Midlands Police?

We are now recruiting for volunteers to join our organisation.

You could join the army of volunteers who already give up their spare time to be special constables, puppy walkers, police museum volunteers and police station helpers.

Working for the police is completely different to anything you may have experienced before and we are really excited about the various roles that are available.

We are looking for people to work alongside neighbourhood policing teams, there’s vacancies in our Economic Crime Unit, to help victims.

If youth work is your thing then you may want to help with our cadet scheme and we’re looking for people with a passion for history as our museum grows in popularity.

By volunteering you’ll enhance your CV, make new friends, give something back and much more.

So if you’re passionate, enthusiastic or an expert in your field, we have an opportunity that could be perfect for you.

To find out more about our current volunteers opportunities available, click here.

Kind regards”

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Article by: Geoff Caine

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