Crescent Theatre – Another Local Gem of Birmingham

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Its amateur status, let’s you get involved with a vast variety of volunteer activities and hence meeting other people like yourself with common interests.

The performances presented on stage are varied and involve amateurs as well as professionals, all with low ticket prices and high entertainment value .

The Crescent Theatre is situated in Sheepcote Street in the famous Brindleyplace complex and is easily reached by car or public transport and soon by the extended Metro Tram from Brum city centre and cities of the Back Country.

Why not seek to get involved – click here for information on how to become a member and what you can get involved with.

Andrew Lowrie, Chairman of the Crescent Theatre, with many years of involvement describes it thus:

The Crescent Theatre has been part of the Birmingham Arts scene for almost 100 years from the formation of the “Municipal Players” in the 1920s to the present theatre company with their purpose-built theatre on Sheepcote Street.

As a registered charity the Crescent Theatre is a non-profit making organisation which encourages everyone from all walks of like to develop their interest in theatre both on and off stage.  The strong community spirit drives the success of the theatre and with a membership of over 300 is one of the largest amateur theatres in the UK. 

Involvement at the theatre as a member opens up a range of opportunities, from simply stewarding productions to working backstage on lighting, sound, props and costume or being on stage as an actor.  Set Design/Construction is done in the theatre’s modern fully equipped workshop and with plenty of advice on hand is great way to make new friends.

The weekly programme of productions features many classics and of course new works, plus a variety of touring professional shows all at affordable prices.

If you’ve never been to the Crescent step inside you won’t be disappointed.

Andrew Lowrie

Click here to find out more from the Crescent Theatre website.

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