Gangs and Violence Commission

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson is urging people to get involved with the Commission on Gangs and Violence and have their say on how their streets should be made safer.



The Commission is made up of representatives from the community, Birmingham city council, public health and west midlands police and they published a report with recommendations that included diverting young people away from a life of crime and tackling violent crime.

The Commissioner is investing £2 million to support the Commission’s work and is campaigning for the government to match that funding.

This funding will support projects ranging from expert negotiators who help to defuse gang violence, to mentoring schemes which will help young people make the right life choices.

It is local people who best know how projects should be delivered in their areas, that is why it is important you have a say and join in the work of the Commission. It is only with the support of local communities that we can tackle the issue of gangs and violence.

We want you to get involved with the work of the Commission.  If you are interested please follow the link below for more information:

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