City Centre Local Community Safety Partnership

On Thursday 14 June volunteers from the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum team attended a City Centre meeting to explore the possibilities of setting up a Local Community Safety Partnership – LCSP.

Below is a report written by those who attended the meeting.

A meeting was held today at the Town Hall hosted by Birmingham City Council and the Police  to establish common ground and aims, objectives and priorities to set up a Local Community Safety Partnership in the city centre.

Attendees included some local residents, fire and police officers, Business Investment District managers and directors in the city centre such as Westside, Colmore Row, Retail etc. Included were public health representatives and local venues like the IKON gallery.

There was a very a productive workshop style discussion which led to quite specific objectives:

♦      To set up a LSCP in the city centre with an overall strategic brief covering budgets, trends and long-term planning to improve safety in areas such as crime, substance abuse, road safety and better design, rough sleeping and more joined up planning. Members of this group would be senior police and fire officers, senior planners and licensers from BCC. Residents would also be well represented as this is a growing population within the city who often are not adequately listened to.

♦     To set up a tasking group which will react to more immediate safety concerns and issues. This group, in addition to residents representatives, will have BID (Business Investment District) representatives, police and fire officers on the ground, social workers, charities, religious and other groups involved with outreach, universities and housing organisations.

We felt the LCSP initiative had very pro-active ambitions to make real improvements and not to be a talking shop. Next meeting will be within a month.

Fran & Alex Elder, CCNF and 20’s Plenty

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