Metro Alliance – Westside Weekly Issue 010 plus Historical Artefacts Discovered


Below is information on the  recently-unearthed historical items found during the Metro extension works in Victoria Square and where to view them.

Also below is issue 10 of  Westside Weekly newsletter released by the Midland Metro Alliance .

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Below is information supplied by Midland Metro Alliance about historical discoveries during enabling work in Victoria Square recently.



Historical objects unearthed during Metro extension works go on display at museum

Artefacts recovered from the site of a historical footpath unearthed in Victoria Square during construction for the Birmingham Westside Metro extension have gone on public display at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

The items including domestic pottery, building materials and the remains of animal bones were found on the cobbled footpath by archaeologists working on behalf of the Midland Metro Alliance.

The selected 12 objects reveal the personal tastes of people who lived in Birmingham 200 years ago, such as their eating and drinking habits and the cooking vessels used for meals. The items will be on display at the museum, together with a short video highlighting the findings and how they were unearthed under careful supervision of archaeologists, throughout the summer holidays.

Ellen McAdam, Director of the Birmingham Museums Trust, said: “The exciting thing about archaeology is the way it reveals hidden histories. We are grateful to the Midland Metro Alliance and RSK for enabling us to show our visitors these finds from Birmingham’s past.”

The footpath, which dates back to the late 18th to mid-19th century, was unearthed during construction works for the Birmingham Westside Metro extension. The discovery generated much interest from people living, working and visiting the centre of Birmingham, who were all eager to catch a glimpse of the path whilst it was left open on display by the Midland Metro Alliance in June 2018.

Natalie Cropp, Sustainability Manager for the Midland Metro Alliance, said: “These items are truly fascinating and make for an interesting display at the museum just a stone’s throw from where they were found. It’s fantastic that we were able to capture this piece of forgotten history during the construction of the Metro extension. Given the interest in the footpath by the public, it is great that these findings are now on display for all to see.”

Laurence Hayes, Archaeologist for RSK, who helped date the discovery, added: “The objects date to the post-medieval period at the time the cobbled surface was in use, located close to Christ Church on New Street, at the end of Pinfold Street. In the coming months we will be analysing the objects in detail to find out their date and function, which will help piece together the story of the road.”


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