Good News – Grosvenor St. West is to Have 2-way Traffic

Grosvenor Street West

There have been two Be Heard consultations on the changes to Sheepcote Street and adjacent streets. In a week it will no longer be possible to enter the street from St Vincent Street. This means a detour to reach the Broad Street end of the street and hence get to Local Residents’ car parks.

The first consultation retained the 1-way traffic lane in Grosvenor Street West in the direction of away from Sheepcote Street.

I for one submitted my thoughts to the consultation and stressed the need for 2-way traffic on Grosvenor St. West.

The second consultation proposed 2-way traffic. So, Sheepcote Street could be approached without using Ladywood Middleway and thus having to queue at Five Ways island in order to enter Broad Street and turn into Sheepcote Street. (For almost a year It has not been possible to avoid Five Ways by using Ryland St.’s junction with Broad Street and this is likely to continue until the second metro extension to Hagley Road is completed in 2021.) See map below for clarification.

When the notice of intention to proceed with the second consultation’s proposals were emailed (only) to those who had made submissions to it, the implementation of 2-way traffic in Grosvenor St. West was to be delayed until :

“Crest Nicholson development (corner of Sherborne Street/Grosvenor Street West) construction traffic management was completed (they are expected to remove their traffic management at the end of 2019).”

 This was a huge disappointment and would have caused great inconvenience to local Residents.

So, the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum made an approach to Mel Jones, Head of Transportation and Traffic Services for the Council, who is the boss who decides what will be done and when.

Forum Chairman John McDermot was able to meet Mel and, using information I had published in a web page, explained the problems. Mel then agreed with Crest Nicholson to alter their needs and so remove the delay in implementing 2-way traffic.

Work on Grosvenor St. West 2-way should now begin on 24 September and be completed by the end of the month.

Another success for the volunteers in the FORUM!

Geoff Caine

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