Birmingham Connected Briefing October 2018

HA comprehensive round-up of what is going on in Birmingham as regards transport improvements has been released by Birmingham Connected, part of Birmingham City Council.

Take a walk through what is happening and enjoy some splendid city photos by viewing this.

By the way…You can be updated by email on what is happening in Brum that has a direct effect on individual citizenships  by subscribing here.

This is a non-commercial website run by volunteers to help and inform the city centre community.

1 thought on “Birmingham Connected Briefing October 2018

  1. Realist.

    ‘A period of transformational change for the city centre and beyond • Creating a cleaner, greener, healthier, more sustainable city’.

    I’d like to see much more emphasis on the ‘cleaner’ city, which is probably the least costly of these goals. Some areas of the city centre are just filthy. Here’s a couple of examples – the underpass approaching the Mailbox; goodness knows what visitors & tourists must think. Lower Severn St., where, apparently, the traders & restaurants have carte-blanche to leave large, overflowing rubbish bins, permanently on the pavements. How people sit & eat near these is astonishing.

    Let’s bring back jet-washing of the pavements & also have a facility for people to report areas needing a wash & brush-up.

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