LAST CHANCE to Give Views on Mayor Taking Over Police Commissioner’s Roles

Photo By West Midlands Police

Photo By West Midlands Police

The first phase of public consultations on this change in role and responsibilities will end today 11 January!

The results will feed into and help shape the second consultation phase.

If you have views on this, today is your last chance to fill in the online questionnaire*.

From 2020 the proposal is that  Mayor of the West Midlands will take over the role and responsibilities currently executed by a Police and Crime Commissioner, the latter role would be no more.

If you have views on whether this is a good or bad move, have your say in the online questionnaire*.

For the background to this view information from the West Midland Combined Authority.

  • This simple questionnaire takes about 10 minutes if you add comments as well as selecting answers to 7 simple questions. Optionally, you can give some of your personal details.

The follow on – a second consultation:
The second Phase will focus on the proposed detail of how the strategic leadership and direction (governance) of policing would operate within the WMCA and who would be responsible for making decisions. This will take place between 14 January 2019 and 11 March 2019.

See any comments below.

1 thought on “LAST CHANCE to Give Views on Mayor Taking Over Police Commissioner’s Roles

  1. Geoff Caine Post author

    My personal views:
    The Mayor’s role already has far too many different aspects. Policing with the recent years’ vast reduction in budget and manpower is already struggling resulting in unvisited offenders and hence rising crime. The current roles of the Mayor will demand far more attention during any Brexit implementation especially the effects on industry and hence jobs.

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