PSPO Residents’ Forum Important Update 18/04/19

Thursday 18 April 9:58am – Change to how to meet for the PSPO Residents’ Forum on Tuesday 23 April at 6pm…

“Sorry about further instructions for next TUESDAY’S PSPO meeting. As there are no other room bookings at the CH at this time, we must enter via the side vehicle Green gate that faces the Town Hall.

So, ideally, people should meet at the Green gate. But I’ll keep an eye on the front door just in case.

Please could you tell everybody. Also no. to ring if they are late:


Kath H.”

Kath Hartley has asked us to make it clear to residents planning to attend the PSPO Consultation meeting on Tuesday 23 April at 6pm should meet at the front main entrance of the Council House, Victoria Square, (even if the big doors are closed) so that we can go to M93 together through the fob-controlled doors.

Late-comers should ring the following number and someone will come to collect them- 07974733220.


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