City Centre Public Realm Briefing

A Foreword by John McDermott, Chairman of the City Centre Neighbourhood Forum:

‘Given all the major changes to the city centre public realm it is easy to loose sight of the big picture. At this month’s City Centre Strategic Board Meeting this briefing paper was presented. It gives a clear overview of the city centre plans completed, in progress and to come. I hope you find it interesting and informative.’

[You can also view the Briefing Note below as a pdf file]

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3 thoughts on “City Centre Public Realm Briefing

  1. Realist.

    Lots of grand plans, but the basics are being overlooked. I felt abject shame, yesterday, watching national & international Ashes visitors picking their way through the filth & squalor of the pedestrian underpass in front of the Mailbox; all enhanced by the pungent smell of urine. How about Lower Severn St., where al-fresco diners seem content (inexplicably), to share pavements blocked with multiple, huge, overflowing, rubbish dumpsters & attendant flies? On the same journey, yesterday, I saw a poor blind man forced into the road by these dangerous & illegal obstructions – a great welcome & first impression for New St. arrivals.

  2. Jon Lord

    Thanks Geoff; really interesting proposals that should improve the overall environment of the city centre. I am concerned, however, to note that consultation on proposals within the retail core are primarily with businesses and land owners. Some of the changes, such as a revised TRO may result in access restrictions and an increase in night time deliveries. How do we get involved?

  3. keithbracey

    #Birmingham…….it will be good when it’s finished……for me the priority is the Metro with two line extensions needed……number one along the Hagley Road Hagley Road West under the Quinton Church island to Junction 3 of the M5 where there should be car parks on land around Quinton Business Park owned by St Modwen……and number two along the A45 Coventry Road to Birmingham Airport which should be renamed Birmingham Shakespeare International Airport after the Bard of Avon from Stratford upon Avon just 25 miles from Birmingham……just watch investment from overseas rocket as all most Americans Chinese and Japanese know about Britain is the Bard of Avon William Shakespeare……and placing Birmingham next to Stratford and Shakespeare would be fantastic for inward investment and tourism and quite why Marketing Birmingham or the West Midlands Grown Company (they couldn’t grow a toenail in my humble opinion!!!!!) don’t see this is quite beyond me…….and I had a conversation with Paul Kehoe the former CEO of BHX on Adrian Goldberg’s show on BBC Radio WM Breakfast Show a number of years ago now about renaming BHX Birmingham Shakespeare International Airport……a no brainer for me and the guy who originally came up with the idea of renaming the airport after The Bard John Duckers the former Birmingham Post Business Editor… retired…….

    Keith Bracey
    Birmingham Blogger
    Please read my #Birmingham #Blog at

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