Metro Progress in Photos

The Metro Extension from Stephenson Street (outside New Street Station) to Centenary Square is now starting to look like a tram route rather than street utility works.
Discover how much track has now been laid.

This 840 metre extension, due to become operational in late 2019, will provide two stops serving Victoria Square and the redeveloped Centenary Square.

Work began in Summer 2017 and involved a great deal of infrastructure rerouting and road strengthening before any tack could be laid.

Earlier this week I walked the route taking photos which show how the road works are now looking unmistakeably like a tram track.

The route is shown in the map below and the photos follow it from Centenary Square (Broad Street}, swinging right into Paradise Circus then left into Paradise Street. Passing the Town Hall the track swings right into Pinfold Street then left into Stephenson Street.

Interesting to note that no unsightly overhead power cables will be necessary as the tram will use its own batteries.

The Google map below shows the route and the Gallery of photos below that also follows this route.

Article by Geoff Caine


To view photos:
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2. Also, On a PC or Mac, view a larger version of a single image in a separate page – Right Click on the image then Left Click on “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”.


1 thought on “Metro Progress in Photos

  1. David Foster

    Well done, Geoff.
    That’s a heroic effort to photograph all these stages.
    In addition to the transport benefits, this tram route will provide some great locations for photographs.
    David Foster

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