Centenary Square Now a City Gem & Social Venue

The regeneration of Centenary Square is now almost complete, awaiting the new metro tram line finish in late 2019.
This article presents my view of the revamped square illustrated with photos I took last week.
Geoff Caine

How it is now

The square is sufficiently finished to provide a splendid city centre communal area.

Walking through the square one gets an idea of why this design was chosen from a short list of 5 out of 185 submitted. Work commenced in June 2015 and it opened to the public on 3 July this year.

The 65 by 30m pool is continuously fed by  two lines of 15 fountains varying constantly in height up to human head level. The constantly renewed pool water forms a mirror to reflect the current and planned iconic buildings of the square. as well as people enjoying themselves!

This, thankfully,  is a much grander flavour of what it used to be when the Spirit of Enterprise bronze statue attracted children to bathe a decade or more ago.

Visually it is very attractive  with strong lead lines relieving the essentially flat rectangular area of the pool and sitting, green areas.

Click to view larger image

If the past week is anything to go by, already families have discovered its virtues.
Once its reputation spreads, it will become a magnet for families, particularly their children, especially in warm sunny weather.
Parents have plenty of places to sit and keep an eye on their children having a whale of a time paddling in the safe 5cm deep pool.

Without doubt it is becoming a  great social venue!

The future

Click to view larger image

The square is not yet fully open (see photo left) because the Metro tram extension along it is still under construction.
The tram is scheduled to start operating here on 21 December 2019. This will complete the majority of the Square.

Another area still being worked on is the Symphony Hall bar which is being opened up onto the Square. No finish date for this is known.


Article by Geoff Caine


Click/Tap on the image below to display a Gallery of the images I took last week.


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