Flapper Pub Update On Application to Replace It With Apartments

The Planning Committee has met to take a decision but that was delayed pending a site visit by the Committee.

This post has been revised importantly since originally posted – as in red type.BACKGROUND

The Birmingham Planning Committee had been held on Thursday 10 October to consider the planning application to demolish the Flapper pub and construct a part 3 and part 4 storey development comprising 27 residential apartments.

The recommendation from the Planning Office to the Committee was to Approve Subject to a Section 106 Legal Agreement.

A few objectors to the application were able to present their reasons albeit briefly.

It was stated that the committee had not visited the site of the pub. So, a visit was planned for Friday 31 October.

Objectors were invited to accompany the Committee and to give their views individually to the Committee.


The visit took place yesterday, Thursday 31 October, when the Committee was shown around the pub and its appearance from the surrounding environment. They were accompanied by some  objectors who had done so in writing and invited by the Planning Office .

Following this the gathering moved into the main bar and the objectors were aked to voice  their views. This was not a question/answer session just an airing of views and around a dozen or so objectors spoke.

Perhaps Dr Ted Hiscock’s later statement summarises the points made.

Several members of the Committee appeared to be taking notes on what was said.

A person representing the Developers spoke at the end of the meeting essentially repeating the previously aired reasons for the application.

The meeting lasted around 45 minutes and was friendly and without aggravated statements or discusion.


A decision will now be taken at a Planning Committee meeting on Thursday 7 November.

Further information on a previous post on this website can be viewed here.

Article by and Flapper photos by Geoff Caine

The Flapper pub site as it is today…

is proposed to be replaced by the apartment building shown below (photo from planning application):

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