Ladywood Ward Councillors’ News 3

Submitted by our Councillors Albert Bore and Kath Hartley.
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Dear Ladywood Ward Resident or community group

Kath Hartley

Albert Bore

We hope that you, your family and community are coming through the Coronavirus emergency safely.  It is very important that everybody sticks to the instructions and advice to keep Ladywood clear of harm and tragedy.



Almost without exception, the residents of Ladywood Ward have helped to keep our area safe.   Everyone appreciates how difficult staying indoors and 2 metres away from others is on the public highway or in our parks- especially in good weather and with at least another 3 weeks of the measures ahead of us.
Even so, it is very disappointing to learn about groups of people mingling and playing games on our public open space and communal areas and about people being a nuisance to and frightening  residents by driving mini-motor bikes around our neighbourhoods.

Please report these situations on tel. 101 or on line:
Residents have complained that they do not get a response through these channels.  If the situation that you witness or have to endure is ongoing and poses a threat, please dial 999.
The local police are understaffed and very stretched at the best of times.  If they appear not to have responded to your telephone call or message immediately, please be assured that they have recorded your complaint with a view to targeting the activity.

We especially thank Ladywood residents who work in the NHS, in social care and Council services, in our shops, schools, in waste management and public transport and all the other essential but increasingly risky services on which we all depend.

Mental Health

Since our last mailing, residents have raised the issue of mental health during the emergency.   If you have concerns about how you, a family member or friend is coping, please get in touch with the following:

Please visit the following for updates and help on the various other services:

  • Changes to Council Services- waste, play areas, parks, libraries, community centres, Housing repairs, schools etc- regular updates

Only very urgent Housing repairs are being dealt with at the moment.

Twitter: @BrumLeader     @BhamCityCouncil   @TAWSociety


  • If you are going for a walk outside or doing grocery shopping, make sure you stay two metres apart from others at all times
  • Beware of #scam contacts by phone, text, email, letter, leaflet, social media and so on pretending to be from the government offering tax refunds for #COVID19 or bogus charities etc.  Don’t release your personal details or give money or bank details to any unsolicited contact.


“Ladywood Helpers” supporting Ladywood residents during the Coronavirus Crisis

Local anti-poverty groups, charities, churches and schools have linked up to help local people who are struggling during the emergency.

Priority for residents living in the following post code areas- B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B15, B16, B18, but the Helpers can signpost people to services nearer to where they live.

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Find out more, volunteer, refer, donate:
Text: 07936 034 753

The Helpers have already stepped in to co-ordinate support and food and baby care etc for needy households and for people who are in self-isolation and can’t leave their homes.  We thank them for this and ask you to support them:

  • Tell people in need about the Helpers. Refer a struggling neighbour or friend or yourself via the website, text or email.
  • Volunteer.  Local people have already offered to help with deliveries, shopping etc.  There’s always room for more.
  • Donate.  Funding is preferred.  Please give shopping items to someone who needs help or donate them at the food box in your supermarket.

Account: Ladywood Helpers
Bank Name: Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-92-99
Account No.: 34691168
N.B. The Ladywood Project has set aside an unused account just for donations to the Ladywood Helpers.

We have allocated a large sum from the Ladywood Ward ‘Living With Hardship’ fund towards assisting Ladywood Ward residents during the crisis.

Are you, someone you know in the Ladywood area, struggling through loss of income, isolation, mobility problems, loneliness, fear of travelling around- please get in touch with the Ladywood Helpers.


Thank you, everybody who has helped out so far by donating, volunteering for deliveries, supermarkets providing food, baby care and household items. There’s a long way to go before the coast is clear, so please continue to help where you can.  And, please take care.

With respect and best wishes,
Cllr. Kath Hartley and Cllr. Albert Bore
Working hard for the people of Ladywood Ward at all times.

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