Building Cladding Issues – Two Petitions Raised

Many residents of Birmingham City Centre live in flats following more than two decades of encouraging revitalisation and occupation of the area. Many of the flat developments replaced derelict historical industrial buildings and brought new life to the city.
But questions about fire security  have arisen following the disaster at the Grenfell residential tower in London.

The Grenfell fire tragedy gave rise to the possibility of many other buildings having the same construction problems, and this is particularly important for residential buildings. As a result owners are engaging professionals to determine whether their properties also have similar problems.

The main question is financial – “Who or what  is responsible financially for correcting those that are deemed hazardous?”

Two very important petitions have been raised in respect of this problem:

  1.  Save homeowners from financial ruin. Ensure the right parties pay in the Cladding  Scandal.

  2. Extend the government’s ACM fund* for repairs to cover all types of flammable cladding. 

*The Government’s ACM fund can be applied for to assist with the cost of replacing unsafe cladding systems.

1 thought on “Building Cladding Issues – Two Petitions Raised

  1. Jennifer Reid

    Hi Geoff, thank you for raising this important issue in this forum. I’m Jenny from the Birmingham Leaseholder Action Group, we’re campaigning hard on this issue for Birmingham residents and businesses. I wanted to update you that in March a ‘building safety fund’ was launched, which now covers all types of unsafe cladding. However it still doesn’t cover buildings under 18m, waking watch costs, other fire safety issues or the huge insurance increases we’ve been seeing in Birmingham. If you, or anyone else on this forum would like more information, we send out regular updates and invitations to open meetings to our mailing list: Thanks again.

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