Centenary Square Returns From Lockdown – Well Almost

Since 23 March my daily exercise local walk has taken me into Centenary Square where personal distancing was ensured through an almost total lack of people.  Now, thank goodness,  things are changing.
Centenary Square, after its regeneration during 2017 to 2019, is without a doubt a jewel in Birmingham’s crown, both architectureally and socially, and increasingly so as new building projects begin to complete..

Last Wednesday with super summer-type weather and the relaxation of some coronavirus restrictions, city dwellers were venturing out again to enjoy the superb atmosphere of Centenary Square’s water features,  much enjoyed by children.

Below is my panoramic view of the square on Wednesday last and of the  prominent buildings which provide a distinctive backdrop – Click/Tap to get an enlarged and enhanced  impression from the image.

Click/Tap for larger view

A zoomed-in view of what was happening in the above photo last Wednesday is shown below. Suddenly the parents and children felt that, at long last, they could  venture out and enjoy the fountains, now legally allowed.

Click/Tap for larger view

Of late the square had a distinctively avoided look as below (taken from the left of the image above), in which I count only 11 people..

Click/Tap for larger view

When it opened in August last year there was mass enjoyment for children and parents alike as below,

Click/Tap for larger view

For more information on the square  look here.

Article and images by GeoffCaine.Photography

1 thought on “Centenary Square Returns From Lockdown – Well Almost

  1. Tracey

    Centenary Square has been totally transformed. First time I’ve seen pictures of the Square and it looks absolutely wonderful. Well done to everyone who worked on the project as you’ve certainly delivered. We really do have some amazing architecture old and new in Birmingham.

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