Birmingham Canal Photos – In Paranormal Panoramic Perspective

As a relief from Lockdown I have created this diversion of your thoughts and visions.

Click/Tap above image for larger view.

The above photo is an example of my Paranormal Panorama Perspective images. No it’s not of a canal, the photo was taken in Bewdley on 2 June 2020 but illustrates the characteristics of the photos in this article.

LIFELINE! If you are not interested in the explanations below scroll  down to LINKS to the Tours.

Rationale Behind the Paranormal Panoramic Images

The canals in central Birmingham run alongside some distinctive buildings and some bridges many built over two centuries ago – such a refreshing change from modern city blocks!

People wandering around the area like to take photos of what pleases them about the canal views.

However later viewing of the photos is often a disappointment as they tend to differ from the recollection in the minds eye.

One reason for this may be that people recall what they wanted to capture coloured by the positive effects of a sunny day and being in a good mood and taking a relaxing stroll. Their recollection stems from the mindfulness of the experience.

Unfortunately, people’s cameras or smart phones are very clinical and factual in what they record and cannot recreate what the human eye can take in and what the minds eye recalls. 

Fortunately to overcome this I have discovered a technique using very wide angle or fisheye lenses coupled with panoramic recording techniques. The resultant images I then reconfigure to reduce distortions and enhance the exposure, clarity and vibrancy using Adobe Lightroom image processing software.

The result, for me at any rate, gives a much preferred memorable and pleasing view.

Photographic Tours Created to View

Using the above technique, I have created five Panoramic Tours by combining photos I’ve taken in  short stretches of the local canals – the Birmingham Canal Navigations Canal ( (BCN), the Worcester & Birmingham Canal and the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal.

All are easily accessed on foot, bike, bus or tram from the city centre.

My intention is to publish one of the five photographic tours each week on this website.

LINKS to the Tours

Below are links to the five Panoramic Tours as they are published followed by a map showing each stretch of canal.

1 – Ladywood Junction to Old Turn Junction
2 – Old Turn Junction to Broad Street Tunnel
3 & 4 – Gas Street Basin to The Mailbox
5 – Old Turn Junction to Cambrian Wharf

Old Turn Junction to Cambrian Wharf

Click/Tap on for descriptions of the place markers eg .

1 thought on “Birmingham Canal Photos – In Paranormal Panoramic Perspective

  1. Bob James

    These images are superb, such clarity and definition a joy to look at. I live in the area and the images are better than real life. If you enjoy working with images can you use or manipulate these photos for your own purpose, for example on Facebook as a background image or is that kind of usage restricted? Thank you.

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