Panoramas 1 – Ladywood Junction to Old Turn Junction

This is the First Panoramic Tour of:

Birmingham Canal Photos – In Paranormal Panoramic Perspective

Is it that your photos are wonderful but don’t match what you remember seeing?
In case you missed viewing the photos in my post on Saturday, this post presents them again below for immediate viewing.

I had the same problem!
So, I’ve worked on a technique to produce panoramic-view photos to match what I have in my mind’s eye after visiting the scenes.

Living in central Birmingham amidst the historic canals I decided to try it out on the Local Birmingham canals during the good weather during Corvid 19 lockdown.

I hope you like them.


To view the photos:

1. View a larger version of a single image in a separate page – Right Click on the image then Left Click on “Open link in new tab” or “Open link in new window”.
2. Display an enlarged gallery – Left Click on an image – use the large side arrows to move between images – Left Click outside an image or press ESC to close the enlarged gallery

Please note: all photos are copyright.


Click/Tap on for descriptions of the place markers eg .

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