Chamberlain Square Is Near To Completion

Contractors are putting the finishing touches to the revamped Chamberlain Square. Has all the hard work paid off?

Please note that the views and thoughts given below are those of the article author and are not in anyway representative of the Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum.

The designers did have a difficult task trying to create something structurally sound and also picturesque given the complex structure of the preceding underpass road.

But have they succeeded?

I have to admit that the new square seems to me to have less features and 3 dimensional aspects than the original. It also has less colour in terms of colour for the flag stones.

Further to this Wikipedia states “The sweeping curve of the steps of the library forms an amphitheatre, and so the square is used for public events.” This sweeping curve is no longer visually evident.

Also in Wikipedia are References to two statues that are currently missing and are visible in my photo below – these are of: Joseph Priestley and James Watt , both of note in Birmingham’s history. Let’s hope their absence from the square is only temporary during the works there.

Also in question is the statue of another historically significant man, that of Thomas Atwood, a locally born man of note. The problem here is that his statue lies on steps to the left of the background (as in the original Square) but is hidden from the main view points from the square by an incongruous row of privets and also the steps. It was just visible from view points outside the Museum in the original square.
The rest of the square is adorned with plane stone grey flagstones of no picturesque value to me, so I question the use of privets hiding the statue.

Below is a view of the original square with sweeping curves.

The statues are in the centre background and Thomas Atwood on the extreme left but was more  visible in a walk through of the original square.

Below is a gallery of photos taken today.


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Please note: all photos are copyright.

Article by Geoff Caine

1 thought on “Chamberlain Square Is Near To Completion

  1. Margaret

    I tend to agree with your comments. We walked past the Square yesterday and apart from the Chamberlain fountain thought that it was distinctly underwhelming. Incidentally I think that the bushes are Box rather than Privet. Another bad choice as they have to be tended and watered carefully and suffer from Box Blight.

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