Planning Consent Sought For 20m 5G Aerial Outside Brasshouse Pub

Current view of front of Brasshouse Building

The Brasshouse Building on Broad Street is Grade 2 listed,  and was built  in 1781.

Now a planning application has been made to erect a 65 foot 5G aerial pole plus various cabinets containing the associated electronics outside in front of the building.

This is unpopular with some local people.

One immediate question is why the pole and cabinets are to be sited right in front of the characterful ancient central entrance.

This can be seen in the snippet below taken from the drawings of the planning application. (Click/Tap for a larger view.) They also suggest other congestion aspects.

A web page by Jas Sansi Photography has been published to illustrate a low key protest about the application. Click /Tap on the image below to view this.

Other views of the Brasshouse building are shown below Click/Tap an image for a larger view.

It is hoped that the foregoing will provide you with enough scene setting for you to form an opinion on the application and so comment, should you wish, on it on the BCC Planning website using the information below.


Anyone can comment on the application here.

Note that the Dates Page of the application states “Public Consultation Period Ends Ends  31-07-2020”.
BUT an apparently official notice on a lamp post near the Brasshouse  states:
“6)  Is there a time limit ? YES – comments must be received by 24/07/2020”.

The planning Application number is 2020/04684/PA. and the constituent document list can be viewed here.

The detailed drawings in the plan can  be viewed by a Click/Tap on the view button of the Drawings_1201301_BHM389_29107_B1321_M002_REV B PA item in the list.

Article by Geoff Caine

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