Council Refuses Application For “Prior Notification” For 20m 5G Aerial Outside Brasshouse Pub

Prior Approval” is required.







[Please refer to my original post for details of the application.]

EXPLANATION (My personal understanding)

Certain types of development are granted Planning Permission by national legislation without the need to submit a Planning Application.

“Prior Notification” is a procedure whereby a developer must notify the planning authority of proposals before commencing such a development.

Birmingham Planning & Development has decided that “Prior Approval” is required before “Prior Notification” can be accepted and so has refused the Prior Notification” submission for the Brasshouse Aerial development.

“Prior Approval”” means that a developer has to seek approval from the local planning authority that specified elements of the development are acceptable before work can proceed.


Going forward the developer would have to submit “Prior Approval” information on a wide variety of aspects of the proposal, including:

  • Design and external appearance;
  • The transport impacts of the development;
  • Flooding information.

Obtaining “Prior Approval” would enable the developer to resubmit a Prior Notification” to proceed.

Of course the developer might reconsider the siting of the aerial and associated cabinets which might, more readily, gain approval of Birmingham Planning & Development.

The planning Application number is 2020/04684/PA.

Article by Geoff Caine

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