Birmingham’s Golden Mile Tram Tracks Completed

Broad Street Metro Tram Tracks have now been completed.

13 months after the Metro extension from New Street station to Centenary Square went live, the stretch of Broad Street from the Hyatt Hotel to FiveWays now has its own tracks.

It is not known when the trams will run but great progress has been made in spite of the complications created by the Coronavirus.

Part of this area has also had its track surroundings – pavements, road junctions – enhanced and these are very smart. Such environment enhacements are what has been missing for decades to accomadate the very social meeting area for the large weekend congregation of the younger population.
Further, the Black Sabbath bench has been resited on the Broad Street canal bridge – an ikon of the city.

Click/Tap this image to view a Gallery and Slideshow of images.

Living local to Broad Street, I was able to take these photos recently on one of my allowed walks under the virus restrictions.

The latest Westside Weekly account of progress achieved is shown below.

Article by Geoff Caine

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