Coronavirus Weekly Update From The City Council 1 February 2021

Welcome to the coronavirus weekly update from Birmingham City Council 1 Feb 21.

The update lets you know about Birmingham City Council’s services, public health information, general advice on Covid-19, and other relevant news from the council and our partners so that we can keep you informed.
You can find a full suite of information about Covid-19 on the council’s website.

Covid-19 news

You should stay home as much as possible to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The new variant of Covid-19 is transmitting faster and affecting more people. You should only travel if your journey is essential and stay local.

Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 have no symptoms, so every action counts. To stop the spread, please remember: wash hands, cover face, and make space.

The COVID-19 vaccines work by teaching your immune system how to defend itself against attack from the virus. Remember, the vaccine is only available on the NHS and is free of charge. If you receive an email, text message or phone call purporting to be from the NHS and you are asked to provide financial details, or pay for the vaccine, this is a scam.

You must continue to follow the rules after you have had your vaccine. COVID-19 vaccination is proven to reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill. However, it is not yet known whether you can still spread the virus. 

Rapid Covid-19 testing is available for Birmingham residents at the Utilita Arena Birmingham (formerly the NIA) entrance B, 7 days a week, 8am-6pm. These tests are for people who do NOT have symptoms but may be infectious. New Covid lateral testing mobile units are also now operational at Castle Vale Stadium, Maypole Youth Centre and Arcadian Centre. These tests are for people who do NOT have symptoms but may be infectious.

Visit the council’s website for translated audio and written information on Coronavirus Test and Trace.

For latest updates and advice on coronavirus, please visit the government website

Local news

Calling all businesses and communities across the city. Help us shape a bold and bright new Birmingham by completing the Our Future City Plan consultation survey. Consultation ends: 26 March 2021.

We need more action on climate change if we are to make Birmingham greener, cleaner and healthier. Last year, despite challenging circumstances, we took some significant steps to reduce carbon emissions from transport.

It was Holocaust Memorial Day on Wednesday, 27 Jan so please join the Lord Mayor in remembering those who lost their lives and those who survived in the Holocaust and genocides around the world, with a virtual commemoration.

Calling all Brum community groups! Do you need funding, resources or volunteer support? The main contractor at the Alexander Stadium redevelopment may have the answer! Have your say on the Beeches, Barr & Booths Neighbourhood Plan which sets out the Neighbourhood Forum’s proposal to create a garden suburb in north Birmingham.
Consultation closes: 12 February 2021.

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