Coronavirus Weekly Update From The City Council 3 March 2021

Welcome to the coronavirus weekly update from Birmingham City Council 13 March 21.

The update lets you know about Birmingham City Council’s services, public health information, general advice on Covid-19, and other relevant news from the council and our partners so that we can keep you informed.
You can find a full suite of information about Covid-19 on the council’s website.

Covid-19 news

Get your coffees and picnic baskets ready: you can now enjoy a one-on-one picnic outside in public spaces locally – but remember to keep following the guidance!

Our loved ones in care homes can now look forward to one regular visitor – and you can hold hands indoors. Great news – but we still need to be cautious.

It’s brilliant that schools have reopened – but we still need to follow all the rules.

The NHS is sending text messages, as different groups of us become eligible for our COVID jabs. Look out for your COVID jab invitation!

Have YOU seen the great, new interactive COVID-testing site map on the council website showing where COVID testing sites are across Birmingham?

Are you or loved ones back travelling to school on public transport? Follow the public transport guidance.

Plans to boost the number of COVID marshals patrolling Birmingham’s streets and parks to keep businesses and people safe as the city prepares to reopen have been revealed. There are proposals to recruit an extra 16 COVID marshals. Could YOU be one?

Visit the council’s website for translated audio and written information on Coronavirus Test and Trace.

For latest updates and advice on coronavirus, please visit the government website

Local news

Don’t forget YOU need to take part in the 2021 Census. There is a free language helpline on 0800 587 2021 and translation support in more than 40 languages. See the Census website.

History, diversity, unity: everything that makes OUR city great! Find out about Celebrating Communities funding – and, with grants starting from £100, get involved in the Commonwealth Games YOUR way! 

Going places! Our Mobile Library Service order-and-collect service hits the roads of Birmingham again on Tue 16 March. Let the service know what YOU want!

We want Birmingham to be a City of Connections for everyone. Have YOUR say in your city’s future NOW.

Did YOU know this week has been Social Work Week? Find out if YOU could be a social worker: you could qualify in just 14 months!

Small things can make a BIG difference· Using the car again for school trips? Consider dropping off children a few streets away to avoid congestion

Monday was International Women’s Day – and a portrait of Birmingham’s first and only female council leader to-date, Alderman Theresa Stewart, has been commissioned. It will hang in the Council House Ellen Pinsent Room, dedicated to women’s achievement.

A community project aimed at empowering Birmingham women, helping them find their voice and play an active role in their communities, has been launched.

Been home-schooling? Fancy teaching? YOU could receive a tax-free bursary of up to £24,000 to train. Find out more about the rewards teaching offers.

Birmingham Clean Air Zone (CAZ): find out more! With less than 100 days until the CAZ goes live on 1 June, find out more in a free CAZ webinar. Plus, we’ve teamed up with enviro-law charity to host a  free CAZ discussion on 17 March.

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