Break Dancing in Centenary Square

Young people (men mostly have I seen) showing off their athletic expertise is now becoming a feature of Centenary Square.

Sunny and warm weather brings people out to enjoy Centenary Square,

It also presents an opportunity for those with talents to present to the casual visiting public as a reward for all their hard work in developing those talents.

These amateurs are well skilled and practiced and can show off amazing feats in aspects of human physical agility. This we should encourage!

On Saturday 29 May 21 a small crowd of young men (probably teenagers) performed what is known as Break Dancing, which originated in the US, I believe.

I’ll let the images below show what they can do using muscle strength, body momentum and extreme balance. I failed to capture by favorite which was this chap spinning on his head – he only did it once while I was there when I arrived on the scene and my camera wasn’t set up ready – pity! Very Impressive, if only I was young again!

Click on any photo to open a slideshow of them. Then click outside any photo to show the opening page again.

Article and photos by Geoff Caine

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