Centenary Square is now THE Place to House a Business in the UK – Find Out Why

View toward s the City Centre from the ICC/Symphony Hall Centre – How to attract Head Offices. The new buildings are at the end of Broad Street on the right in the photo above.

Broad Street now has the choicest Business Area to attract talented skilled people.


Well looking out from the office building windows is very lifting and hence relaxing of the spirit to encourage greater thoughts and the energy to carry these out.

Below is the view from the new offices windows facing directly or on an angle to Centenary Square.

So what is the view towards the offices from the ICC and Symphony?

Nothing to suggest that the buildings pictured on the far right encompass some gem offices.
But there are hidden jewels in the not so obvious crown.

Having crossed over Broad Street to the right and entered the cluster of the new buildings brings some surprisingly scaled views as below – newly built they are a notable place to work in and enjoy your lunch outside and within the complex – yes?

BUT hardly anyone attends these offices due to the effects of Covid-19 which makes work from home using virtual meetings a more desirable option to commuting and possible infection.

What a human large scale folly – £100’s of millions spent recently on office space not hardly used yet! And will it ever be? Or will it fall into a ghost town, unused, unloved, overgrown by nature and decaying awaiting conversion into flats or the vicious hand of the demolition squad?

Having often wandered around the site during the normal working day times, not a sole was encountered except for the the occasional security guard doing his rounds and with no one to pass the time of day with!

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the gallery below on what could be enjoyed by office workers if our old life style ever resumed.
The final photo is a communal area for taking a break outside and in the background the yet to be finished rear of the University of Birmingham’s takeover of the Grade II-listed former Municipal Bank built in the 1930s.

Article and photos by Geoff Caine

Click on any photo to open a slideshow of them. Then click outside any photo to show the opening page again.

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