What’s Happening to Our City Metro?

It has shut down until October!

Before July…..

This was completed in the first quarter of 2016 and remained in that state prior to July this year.

But Now….

The track and its concrete substructure are being removed in part of Bull Street, Corporation Street and Stephenson Street!

This work is due to be completed in October.

Both views above are of the junction of Corporation Street and Bull Street.

The reason for this line closure operation was given in a Metro Alliance newsletter issued on 30 June which implies that essential track replacement works will be carried out alongside work on new tracks, in order to reduce overall impact on the area.

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An update on this was published on 5 August.

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4 thoughts on “What’s Happening to Our City Metro?

  1. Margaret

    I’m not surprised. Every time we have walked along Broad street there has been the usual sight of one man working, 3 men watching and another on his phone ☹

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