Metro Tram Track – Excellent Progress Made in Last Week

View along Corporation Street towards Bull Street.

17 August showing concrete bases to hold rails:

10 August before the concrete bases were installed:

ballastless track or slab track is being used and is a type of railway track infrastructure in which the traditional elastic combination of ties/sleepers and ballast is replaced by a rigid construction concrete base.

Factory produced precast concrete bases by world wide company Edilon Sedra are delivered to site and are now being located along the path of the track using a giant crane shown in the images below. These are then used to hold the steel rails.

The start of the steel rail installation in the concrete blocks in Bull Street is shown at the bottom of the image below.

The replacement of the track from Bull Street to Stephenson Street is planned to be completed in October and the progress made in the past week seems to be heading that way.

Below is a tiled gallery of photos I took on 17 August. The sequence commences at the start of work in Bull Street then continues along Bull Street and turns into Corporation Street.

Click/Tap on any photo to open a slideshow of them all. Then click on the X in the top right corner to show this opening page again.

Article and photos by Geoff Caine

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