Metro Tram Track – More Impressive Progress Made in Last 11 days

A stretch of the tram track is having to be reconstructed – see why here.

28 August progress:
– steel rails inserted into the precast concrete blocks
– concrete poured in between the blocks (up to the brown gravel in the middle of the view below).

The whole reconstruction is scheduled to be finished in October when the trams will flow again.

This is a major operation and the workforce are engaged in it 24 hours per day including weekends.

The reputation of Midland Metro Alliance, the constructors, are at stake. This is the second closure of the line from Bull Street to Centenary square – it can’t have gone down too well with commuters, visitors and local residents.

Thankfully, a substantial amount of progress is immediately evident the last article I posted on 17 August. Much of the track now looks like a tram track and the junction of the track at the intersection of Bull Street and corporation Street is now recognisable as such.

At 28 August

At 17 August
The junction

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