Have your say on Birmingham City Council’s customer services principles and themes

Take a survey to learn about the Councils thoughts and give your views.

Have your say on Birmingham City Councils customer services principles and themes

Birmingham City Council, invites you to give us your feedback on the principles and themes for a new Customer Service Strategy.

Every single resident, business and visitor of Birmingham is our customer. We know we can do better in making you feel valued and want to ensure that in the future our resources are organised in such a way that your needs are met and that you have the full focus of our attention.

To do this, we want everyone to tell us what they think of the strategy. Your views will help us make sure we get the customer experience right for everyone.

We have developed a set of customer service principles, and we will hold ourselves and partners, that deliver services on our behalf, accountable to ensure we deliver on them. The principles are:

. We will work better together with you
. Make quicker decisions for you
. Reduce your need to contact us
‘ Tell us once
. Taking a proactive approach to Customer Services

To support our principles we have created four themes.  These themes set out the types of things we will do to improve our customer service to you. The themes are:
. A customer focussed council
. A connected council
. A smarter council
. A connected city

We need you to tell us if we have got these right.
The survey closes on Monday 27 September.

Link to Survey

1 thought on “Have your say on Birmingham City Council’s customer services principles and themes

  1. John lock

    Trouble with the council is it looks after the council first then the visitors moving to the city then the people who have lived in Birmingham all there lives and watched it being turned into a dumbing ground for London

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