Metro Tram Track – Update on Progress Made in Last 12 Days

The astounding news is that the track appears to be complete. Only a few pavement areas are unfinished.

Clearly testing has to be completed before trams can operate with passengers again.
A construction worker I talked to was of the opinion that this would be next week.

So things are looking good for the workforce and management to achieve their published completion target date of October.
This in my memory is a very rare occurrence indeed!

See the progress below where tarmac has now had large signage added.

The sequence of photos in the gallery below traces the route of the track from Bull Street round to Corporation Street then along to Stephenson Street outside Grand Central.

Click/Tap on any photo to open a slideshow of them. Then click the x in the top right of the window to show this opening page again.

Article and photos by Geoff Caine

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