Birmngham Central Museum Opened on 28 April 2022

The museum closed in October 2018 needing urgent electrical repairs.

So what is different?

I was not visiting to comment on the content of the museum nor the electrical work, of course, only the fabric of the interior .

The museum was founded in 1885 so periodic revamp is needed to keep up with modern trends and likes.

I must say that the ceilings are the star of the show but these are just the crowning glory of the rest – the visual impact is superb with a very fresh and vibrant look.

It is good that the essential electrical work has led to this visual enhacement of the interior of the building.

Below is a Gallery of the photos I took walking through the rooms now open.
The route starts at the entrance hall and climbs the stairs to the Round Room then turns right through the Shop. Industrial Gallery, Mini museum and Edwardian Tea Rooms. Back to the Round Room, the route then continues along the Bridge Gallery and Bridge Cafe where the current limit is reached.

Geoff Caine


Click/Tap any image to open a slide show. Then close the slide show by a Click/Tap on the x at the upper right of the display.

2 thoughts on “Birmngham Central Museum Opened on 28 April 2022

  1. Geoff Caine Post author

    Thanks for the comment Margaret,
    I recommend a visit as the overall affect now is splendid and a joy to behold.
    There are a number of other roms which are still closed – do you know what the plan is for these?

  2. Margaret

    Great pictures Geoff. Might pay them a visit this week. I am no longer on the Friends of the museum. It’s time for a younger team!

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