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Spiceal Street opens at Bullring

The new eateries at Bullring opened today – well some of them anyway, the others tomorrow, says a notice there. This has reduced the open area between the original Bullring and St Martin’s Church, but increased the lower part of the open area leading down from New Street/Corporation Street junction, which gives views towards the church.

There are two new restaurants – Browns Bar and Brasserie and ChaoBaby, both names new to Birmingham, and the Handmade Burger Company which already has a site at Brindley Place.

Below are some views of the new look St Martin’s Square.

I love the Green Wall in the first photo, which is at the rear of the main new building housing Browns and ChaoBaby – any comments?

Geoff Caine

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Shopmobility needs your help!

City centre charity Shopmobility needs your help! Would you consider giving some of your time to help people with mobility difficulties to be able to get around Birmingham city centre? Or perhaps you could help with funding?

Shopmoblity is based in Bullring (car park) and loans scooters and wheelchairs to city centre visitors and shoppers. Shopmobility can make a real difference to the lives of people who would otherwise not be able to shop themselves, or visit the library, theatre and other facilities.

The City Council supports the charity financially but they also have to raise funds to meet their costs. Over the last few years, staffing has been reduced down to the ‘bare bones’ and the service is supported by several volunteers.

Dave Arnold, the Shopmobility Manager, would be pleased to explain more and can be contacted on: 0121 616 2938 or by email using this form:

Spring…..Well, a hint of!

Bullring/St Martin's Square

Bullring/St Martin's Square

This photo makes me feel that Spring is on its way. I hope you feel the same.

It’s a view of the square enclosed by the Bull Ring and St Martin’s Church which I took very recently on a day of rare sun and afternoon light and I’m very proud of it.

I love the way the Selfridges’ disks reflect the sunlight coming from the left to illuminate, what would have been, a low light side of the church. It really shows off the characterful stonework. It also equalises the light in the scene as a whole. The Selfridges outside piazza echos and compliments the colour of the sky. Rare and fantastic!

My hope is that, in some way, the photo can be used  to sell Birmingham as an iconic city to visit.

Geoff Caine

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