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Library of Birmingham – February 2013 Site Snapshot Released

The Site Snapshot March 2013Carillion has released to us March’s The Site Snapshot. Terrific photos of a super interior!

It’s looking pretty well finished and so living up to what we had hoped for!

The garden roof on floor 7 in the top  left  photo is something I must see!

I think the handover to the Council is in April with the opening being in September.

I can’t wait to get inside – and up to that roof!


.Geoff Caine

Inside the new Library of Birmingham

The Site Snapshot December 2012Main contractor, Carillion, has published this view of the library showing how the inside is shaping up.

The completion date of the construction is 15 March 2013 followed by system proving for a fortnight. The project is 4 weeks ahead of schedule (and within budget) so the building will be handed over to Council Library Management on 29 March. They will then move all the books and archives in from the current library and other storage locations. The opening to the public will be September 2013.

By the way, there will be a walkway created passed the front of the library through the hoardings at the end of February. An island of hoardings will therefore be created and will remain while Centenary Square is put back together.

Geoff Caine

Library of Birmingham construction site to Open Doors to public

Birmingham residents are being offered an exclusive opportunity to have a look behind the scenes of one of the area’s most exciting construction sites.

Carillion, Birmingham City Council’s construction partner for the £188 million Library of Birmingham, is participating in Open Doors, a pilot project which invites members of the public to go around a construction site in their area.

On Friday 9th and Saturday 10th  November, Carillion will open the doors of the Library of Birmingham site so that people can learn more about the project, those that are working there to create the new landmark, state-of the-art building and the world of construction in general.

Click image for larger view with contact details.

Library of Birmingham – September Site Snapshot Released

The interior is starting to show its potential!

The Site Snapshot September 2012



Judging from the interior shots now being issued, what a visual experience it will be when we get to see the interior next September. Another visual experience will be the panoramic view of east, south and west Birmingham from the 180degree observation windows in the Shakespeare Memorial Room at the top of the building.



Library of Birmingham – March Site Snapshot Released

The Site Snapshot March 2012Carillion has released to us March’s  abbreviated Site Snapshot about the development as shown here. (Click image to enlarge).

Incidentally the removal of the Tower Crane 2 reinforced concrete base turned out to be a massive job for traditional pneumatic drills. So, a series of controlled explosions was used to split off sections of concrete; scaring thought as this was sited very close to one side of the new building!

Geoff Caine

Library of Birmingham – Site Visits

Front of Library of Birmingham on Monday 26 September 2011

Front of Library of Birmingham on Monday 26 Sept 2011

Four new dates for the public to visit the construction site have been announced. These are:

Tue 10 Jan 10.00 – 10.30
Mon 23 Jan 16.00 – 16.30
Wed 08 Feb 8.30 – 9.00
Wed 22 Feb 16.00 – 16.30

To book a place on a visit contact Lesley Hughes on 0121 464 2107.

The photo on the left puts me in mind of a turntable with pick-up arm – any one agree? If so leave a comment below.

Visitors to the Library site

Visiting the site

Phil Burns (on the right) of Birmingham Central Library, explains a feature of the building to three visitors.

Text and photos by Geoff Caine

Library of Birmingham – Topping Out Celebration

Front view of Libray "Topped Out"

Front view of Libray "Topped Out"

Some of the members of the public who have shown special interest in the new Library of Birmingham were invited by main contractors, Carillion, to a  Topping Out Celebration  on Wednesday 14 September. The Topping Out Ceremony is traditional in the building industry and marks the construction reaching the highest point of the building.
(Click on image for larger view.)

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Library of Birmingham Update 29/08/11

Two major things have happened lately, which have changed the library for onlookers.
Glass panels are being fitted to form the outer walls and the metalwork panels are also being fitted outside the glass panels. below is a view of the front of the library and a closeup of the matalwork areas.

Library of Birmingham Front View

Library of Birmingham Metalwork Panels closeup(Click on images for larger views.)

To me the panels look better when viewed live rather than in the photos. Has anyone any opinions on how they look? If so please Leave a Reply (comment) below.

The second thing which has happened was over the August Bank Holiday when the smaller tower crane TC1 was dismantled and removed . This was the first crane to be erected (on 22 May 2010) and due to its height has now outlived its usefulness. Below is a photo of the final stage of the build followed by two views of the City side and back of the Library showing it before and after removal of the crane. This is followed by two pictures of the monster mobile crane which lowered the crane sections to the ground.

Erection of the smaller crane TC1 for the Library of BirminghamSide and rear view of Library of BirminghamSide and rear view of Library of BirminghamMonster mobile cane used to dismatle TC1Monster mobile cane used to dismatle TC1

(Click on images for larger views.)

Geoff Caine