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Good News – Grosvenor St. West is to Have 2-way Traffic

Grosvenor Street West

There have been two Be Heard consultations on the changes to Sheepcote Street and adjacent streets. In a week it will no longer be possible to enter the street from St Vincent Street. This means a detour to reach the Broad Street end of the street and hence get to Local Residents’ car parks. Continue reading

Quick Questionnaire: what are your priorities? How should funding be allocated to local Ladywood groups?

Ladywood ward was chosen to receive £50,865 from the government’s Community First initiative over four years, from 2011 up to March 2015. The funding is to help communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order to plan for their future and become more resilient. It will fund both new and existing community groups. Continue reading

Public Meeting – “Your City Centre – Looking to the Future” – Monday 15 October

The Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum ( the CCNF) is holding a (free) public meeting, on 15th October 2012 at 7pm in the Museum and Art Gallery Learning Zone. .

The agenda:

1. West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner

Police & Crime CommissionerThis new role will be filled by a prospective candidate chosen by the Birmingham electorate on 15 November. . .Many people don’t know why this is happening and what is to be achieved, so now is your opportunity to put your questions to those who should know. Four candidates will present their case for election and take your questions. The candidates at the meeting will be:

Matt Bennett (Conservative)

Cath Hannon (Independent)

Bob Jones (Labour)

Mike Rumble (Independent)


2. The new Library of Birmingham (LoB)

Library of BirminghamThis is to open in September 2013. The exterior is all but completed and inside is a hive of activity with the fitting of interior walls, staircases, cabling, etc. Then will come adaptation to the new uses of a 21st century library as well as installation of the books and archives.




Simon Dingle, Operations Director of the LoB construction for developers Carillion plc, will describe the build project in terms of Project Progress to date, Highlights so far, Work Required to Complete and the Challenges involved.

Brian Gambles, Assistant Director Culture of Birmingham City Council and Chief Executive of Library of Birmingham Development Trust, will talk of the facilities and services to be provided. .

3. CCNF AGM and Election of Committee

This brief section will report on major activities of the past year, a financial statement and election of the new Committee. There will be an opportunity for city centre residents who wish to get even more involved with improving our city centre life to stand for election to the committee at this short AGM. We need volunteers!



Light refreshments will be available at 6:45, ready for the meeting to start at 7pm. We will finish before 9pm.The meeting will be in the Museum and Art Gallery Learning Zone, which can only be accessed via the Great Charles Street Entrance….see map:

Map showing Great Charles Street entrance to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

The  City Centre Neighbourhood Forum is a voluntary, non-political, organisation of Birmingham City Centre residents. To find out more about us please click About

All City Centre Residents welcome! Please come along!

Although you can just turn up on the night, it would be very helpful to us to know how many people are likely to come – please Contact Us if you can! Thank you.

Posted by Geoff Caine

Brian Gambles birmingham

Learn more about plans for the city centre – and perhaps even get involved!

The Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum is holding a (free) public meeting, 14th November 2011 at 6:45pm in the Museum and Art Gallery Learning Zone. There will be talks by the Police Chief Inspector and by Birmingham Council on city centre developments. Continue reading

Our 250th Post – thanks to Social Media Surgeries!

This is our 250th BrumCityCentre blog post!

It seems like a good opportunity to say thank you to Nick Booth and all the other Social Media Surgery volunteers. Nick Booth from Podnosh organised the first social media surgery in Birmingham in October 2008. Nowadays volunteers in a variety of places help many people to learn how to use social media to help their community groups and local charities, or otherwise increase their effectiveness as local active citizens, at free and friendly meetings.

Social Media Surgeries site

Continue reading

Moving Holes!

We will soon see the first signs of work on the Metro extension in Birmingham city centre. Not dramatic signs, nor even particularly visible ones, except to the late birds amongst us, since it will be overnight work.
Centro is arranging to do some trial holes in some streets to establish the underground utilities which must be moved as the extension route is built. Continue reading

Do you have a Residents’ Association in the city centre?

Can we help each other?

The City Centre Neighbourhood Forum would like to talk to people in local resident associations, or other resident organisations such as resident led management companies, within our area (see map here). We believe this would help:

  • to make sure we are aware of local issues, what is already being done, and whether or how the Forum could help
  • to sound out local opinion and make sure we are representing it properly
  • to enable you to get involved in what the Forum is doing, if you want to, and perhaps even join the committee
  • to exchange links if you have a web site, to help people find both organisations more easily
  • people to share experiences across resident associations about how to deal with various residential block problems.

You may have other helpful ideas to add.

Please get in touch, initially using the Contact Us form, I am sure we could help each other!

Thank you !

Karen Caine
Chair, City Centre Neighbourhood Forum

Thanks to everyone who attended our Public Meeting!

Big City Plan logo and picture of a the Metro

Birmingham Big City Plan and Vision for Movement Transport Strategy

We hope you all enjoyed the meeting and found it informative. We are in the process of writing up the consultation and will update both this blog and the Presenters as soon as we can.

In the Annual General Meeting part of the evening I am pleased to say that the volunteers who stood for the committee were all elected, and there are also a couple of other people interested in learning more with a view to possibly joining us. More on this later , and my Chair-person’s report on the year will also follow! It may just take a few days to catch up with all the writing!

And finally, some more ‘thank you’s.

Thank you to all the presenters, who did a great job.

And thank you very much indeed to all the 2010 Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Committee, who have been great this year, and the other ‘friends of the committee’ who have kindly helped us along the way. I have very much enjoyed being Chair, and hope it hasn’t been too bad for you!

Karen Caine.

Birmingham Big City Plan and Transport Strategy – public meeting and consultation

Big City Plan logo and picture of a the Metro

Birmingham Big City Plan and Vision for Movement Transport Strategy

A chance for residents to get involved with how our city centre is run and will develop.

The Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum is holding a public meeting, including Big City Plan consultation workshops, on 24th November 2010 at 6:45pm in the Museum and Art Gallery Learning Zone.

At the end there will be an opportunity for city centre residents who wish to get even more involved with improving our city centre life to stand for election to the Neighbourhood Forum committee at our short AGM. We need volunteers!

Our guest speakers are:

Councillor Tim Huxtable, Cabinet Member for Transportation and Regeneration.

Gary Taylor, Chair of the Broad Street BID (Business Improvement District) and Joint Managing Director of Argent UK.

Richard Cowell, Big City Plan, Birmingham City Council.

Please come to the Great Charles Street entrance of the Museum and Art Gallery.

Read on for map, agenda, etc…

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Birmingham’s Local Democracy Week 11-22 October

Birmingham Local Democracy Week Logo Yes, 11-22 October is longer than a week – but perhaps that will make it even better!

The event is held every October. The 2010 Local Democracy week again offers you opportunities to get involved and the Birmingham Local Democracy website lists some of the ways you can do that.

Local democracy week is inspired by the Local Government Association, supported by Birmingham City CouncilBe Birmingham, and incorporates theLocal Hearts Awards for Birmingham’s big hearted active citizens.

Events happening in the City Centre include:

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City Centre Question Time

Town HallPlease come to our Question Time style event on Monday 9th November 2009 at 7pm in the Town Hall, Victoria Square. The City Centre Neighbourhood Forum is arranging this opportunity to allow you to ask questions of your local politicians and political candidates.

Jenny Inglis, City Centre Director, has kindly offered to Chair the meeting.

So if you would like to ask questions about issues specific to our city centre area, and find out what the parties think, this is your chance!

Continue reading

David Barrington

Publicity | Resident Survey

After leaving higher education where I studied Art and Music, I retrained and taught IT and Mathematics for 10 years. This was followed by 9 years as a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force culminating with 7 years as a Systems Analyst working for IBM and the West Mercia Constabulary.  Continue reading

David Foster

Vice-Chairman | Representative on the Broad Street Bid | Representative on Birmingham in Bloom

David Foster

David Foster

After working for many years in the headquarters of one of Britain’s biggest businesses, I took early retirement and moved from Surrey to Birmingham (King Edwards Wharf) in September 2001. Although family needs demanded it, I have never regretted moving to Birmingham City Centre and find it a great place in which to live. I particularly enjoy the variety of musical and theatrical events in the city and living so close to them.

I am also a regular volunteer helper at the Birmingham Museum and Art gallery.

Jon Lord


My name is Jon Lord and although originating from a Derbyshire village, I have lived in Birmingham since coming here to study in 1993. Following brief periods of living in both Edgbaston & Moseley I decided to move to the city centre in 2003 and moved to my present location on Cannon Street in June 2004. Continue reading

Karen Caine

Chair | Website | Representative on City Centre Partnership

I was born in Birmingham, and have lived here most of my life. I moved to the City Centre from the outskirts in 2003, and I love it! It is great to be able to walk to almost everywhere I want to go, and not to have to get into the car just to get to a shop.   Continue reading


Hi, this is the new blog for the Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Forum. We hope it will be of interest to people thay live at the heart of Birmingham, UK. To find out more about the forum, the area it covers, what we do, etc, check out our web site . To talk to us, express your views, alert us to ussues etc, you can either email us or respond to our blog posts. We don’t want to be an ivory tower committee – we want to know what our fellow residents think!