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Thanks to everyone who attended our Public Meeting!

Big City Plan logo and picture of a the Metro

Birmingham Big City Plan and Vision for Movement Transport Strategy

We hope you all enjoyed the meeting and found it informative. We are in the process of writing up the consultation and will update both this blog and the Presenters as soon as we can.

In the Annual General Meeting part of the evening I am pleased to say that the volunteers who stood for the committee were all elected, and there are also a couple of other people interested in learning more with a view to possibly joining us. More on this later , and my Chair-person’s report on the year will also follow! It may just take a few days to catch up with all the writing!

And finally, some more ‘thank you’s.

Thank you to all the presenters, who did a great job.

And thank you very much indeed to all the 2010 Birmingham City Centre Neighbourhood Committee, who have been great this year, and the other ‘friends of the committee’ who have kindly helped us along the way. I have very much enjoyed being Chair, and hope it hasn’t been too bad for you!

Karen Caine.

David Barrington

Publicity | Resident Survey

After leaving higher education where I studied Art and Music, I retrained and taught IT and Mathematics for 10 years. This was followed by 9 years as a Flight Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force culminating with 7 years as a Systems Analyst working for IBM and the West Mercia Constabulary.  Continue reading

David Foster

Vice-Chairman | Representative on the Broad Street Bid | Representative on Birmingham in Bloom

David Foster

David Foster

After working for many years in the headquarters of one of Britain’s biggest businesses, I took early retirement and moved from Surrey to Birmingham (King Edwards Wharf) in September 2001. Although family needs demanded it, I have never regretted moving to Birmingham City Centre and find it a great place in which to live. I particularly enjoy the variety of musical and theatrical events in the city and living so close to them.

I am also a regular volunteer helper at the Birmingham Museum and Art gallery.

Jon Lord


My name is Jon Lord and although originating from a Derbyshire village, I have lived in Birmingham since coming here to study in 1993. Following brief periods of living in both Edgbaston & Moseley I decided to move to the city centre in 2003 and moved to my present location on Cannon Street in June 2004. Continue reading

Karen Caine

Chair | Website | Representative on City Centre Partnership

I was born in Birmingham, and have lived here most of my life. I moved to the City Centre from the outskirts in 2003, and I love it! It is great to be able to walk to almost everywhere I want to go, and not to have to get into the car just to get to a shop.   Continue reading