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Birmingham Police.
.IN an EMERGENCY dial 999

All images of Police reproduced with permission of Birmingham West and Central Policing Unit.

How are the Police are structured?

StructureThe country is divided up into 48 geographical areas and each has a Police Force governed by the office of the Police and Crime Commissionaire.

Our geographical area is broken down into 10 smaller areas each having a Local Policing Unit (LPU)  – ours is the Birmingham West & Central Policing Unit.

Within our LPU there are 14 Police Neighbourhood Teams each served by 10 to 15 officers dedicated to serving one neighbourhood.

What are Local Police?

_WMP0526-lLocal Police Teams operate in the LPUs.

They cover crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour and community concerns. They are there to help deal with local problems and bring in support from other agencies where required.

In parallel they exist to help citizens enjoy a peaceful and safe life. They are highly approachable and can be described as the citizen’s friend and the villain’s adversary.

What do they do?

_WMP4502-lThey carry out all manner of services that help the public both giving information when requested and in providing the help that we all need from time to time…someone to rely on, someone to seek help from.

How do they operate?

0029316-lThey thrive on information from you and I (the Public) without which they are unaware of problems. They greatly rely on the Public relaying to them what they have seen that concerns or disturbs them.

Most people have an accepted sense of right and wrong in British society; this enables them to assess situations they experience as normal or abnormal. It is this ability that citizens can use to enable the police to help the local community.

However, the Police can only deal with a problem if they are told about it – too many people suffer in silence where perhaps a quick intervention could nip bad behaviour in the bud.

How to contact them

There are various ways to communicate with the West Midlands Police, dependent on the service you need.

In an emergency dial 999Contact image

Emergency? What emergency?

♥ A fight in the street.
♥ Someone breaking into a car.
♥ A serious road traffic collision blocking the road.
♥ A missing child in a busy shopping centre.

For non-emergencies dial 101

Where you don’t need a response within 15 minutes. Your call will be dealt with by the call handler:

♣ creating an incident log for the next available resource to attend.
♣ scheduling an appointment at a time / location of your convenience.
♣ taking details and resolving the matter over the phone.

Contacting your Police Neighbourhood Team

Click here and enter your post code to find details of your neighbourhood and its Police team:

♦ Who the people are that support you including their photos.
♦ How to contact them – phone, email, twitter, etc.
♦ What is happening in your neighbourhood.

You can also report anything using email – BirminghamCentral@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

Our City Centre Inspector –  Insp Suraya Latif – can also be contacted via twitter @brumpolice .

Reporting anonymously

If you wish to report anything anonymously, then you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


How you can help

Helping HandsHelping the Police benefits you and your community and is rewarding spiritually.

You can help the police by reporting activities that concern or disturb you or where happenings don’t seem quite right.

Cooperating like this solves problems quickly!

 Find Out More

Police man and woman smiling in sun lightTo discover more about what our splendid, devoted local police do and what they are currently working on plus Twitter links to bring you bang up to date, visit their website.

It’s intriguing and addictive!

Article by Geoff Caine